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We work along side Archer’s Butchers for our bacon, gammon, sausage meat and sausages. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Easy carve, boneless smoked gammon joint. Great for any occasion, served hot or cold. Made with locally sourced pork supplied by Bramfield meats suffolk.

How’s it made? Well that’s partly a secret. We dry cure all our bacon in house using our special blend of curing salts and a little sugar and secrets. We rub these into the bacon and wrap it up for about 2 weeks turning and rubbing the bacon every day. Once the curing time has finished, we the rinse and hang to dry

Perfect as a grilled gammon steak with free range eggs and a slice of pineapple or slow roasted covered in honey.

Ingredients: Pork,Salt,Sugar,stabilizers(E451(i),E452),Dried glucose syrup,Dextrose,preservatives(E250,E251),Antioxident(E301),Hydrolysed vegetable protien,E500iiSULPHITES,SOYA

Size Guide

All of our breeds of turkeys are unimproved. Meaning they have a high, angular confirmation. Bearing this in mind, the following applies as a guide:

3-4kg – feeds up to 4 people
4.5kg -feeds up to 4-5 people
5kg – feeds up to 6 people
6kg – feeds up to 6-7 people
7kg – feeds up to 7-8 people
8kg – feeds up to 10-12 people
9-10kg – feeds up to 12-14 people