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Peele’s Boxing Day Chutney


Boxing Day Chutney

Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Vinegar, Onion, Demarera, Sugar, Prunes (Sulphites), Dates (Sulphites), Apricot (Sulphites), Ale (Barley), Allspice, Ground Ginger, Black Pepper, Ground Cloves, Cayenne Pepper

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Size Guide

All of our breeds of turkeys are unimproved. Meaning they have a high, angular confirmation. Bearing this in mind, the following applies as a guide:

3-4kg – feeds up to 4 people
4.5kg -feeds up to 4-5 people
5kg – feeds up to 6 people
6kg – feeds up to 6-7 people
7kg – feeds up to 7-8 people
8kg – feeds up to 10-12 people
9-10kg – feeds up to 12-14 people